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Rent Payments

Rent Payments

Other Payments

Institution and Bill Payments

For the regular tracking of your company's institution and bill payments...

Rent Payments

To automatically pay the rent of your business premises...

Cheque Book

To easily make your payments with your cheque book linked to your current account...

SWIFT MT 101 Payments

For all your payments in TL, EUR or USD...

Special/Continuous Check

For our customers who prefer to make their payments by check...


For generating, sending, receiving and archiving electronic invoices...


  • You can easily transfer the payment information which you will generate from your payroll system into the salary application. 
  • You can encryptically upload the salary payment information into the system. 
  • You can view the salary payments in your account activities on an individual basis or on a collective basis, thus you can easily track the payments you have made to your employees. 
  • You can eliminate the risk of carrying cash and ease the accounting load of your company.