Special/Continuous Check

Special/Continuous Check

If you are generally making your payments by check, you can draw “Special Checks” and “Continuous Checks” with the Cash Management Payment System.

With the Cash Management Payment System (CMPS) check application, you can draw interest accrual checks or bearer checks. Since the company information, tax office and tax number of companies to which a payment has been made by check previously are saved in the system, all the information can be correctly printed on the check without entering the same information again.

You can make a query based on different criteria (Entry Date, Issue Date, Payee etc.) for the information in regards to all the checks entered, printed or canceled through the Cash Management Payment System, list the information and get reports and printouts.

You can start using the Cash Management Payment System by visiting our nearest branch.

Special Check Features

  • It is presented in a special folder, and a check delivery sheet is present in the upper part which is perforated. 
  • The signature of the person who will receive the check is taken on the delivery form, the check is detached from the perforation and submitted to the payee. Since all the information regarding the check also appears on the delivery sheet, there is no need to keep a copy of the check. 
  • Since it is possible to print on the special check with ink-jet and laser printers, there is no need for a continuous form printer. Checks can be printed in high-quality and without any misalignment.
  • The company logo can be printed on the check. 

Continuous Check Features

  • The Continuous Check forms can be prepared as duplicate checks (continuous check with auto copy function). 
  • Since a copy of the printed checks can be kept, it provides convenience in the classification and tracking of the checks. 

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SME's 
  • Commercial companies 
  • Corporate companies