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What is Cash Management Payment System?

Cash Management Payment System (NYÖS) is a highly secure and easy to use PC program created to ease the payment operation of companies which perform a large number payments and batch payments and to prevent user errors.

How is Cash Management Payment System (NYÖS) used?

  • NYÖS is a closed-circuit PC program. The program is installed from the CD on to the PC on which the payments of your company are prepared.
  • The users can upload the existing payment files into the system one by one or in a batch.
  • The written order created by the program is signed by your company officials and transmitted to our Bank. The payment file created by the program is sent to our Bank by e-mail. The payment file is matched, and following the signature check, the payments are made with reference to the written order.

What are the advantages of Cash Management Payment System (NYÖS)?

  • Payments can be made quickly and without errors, and securely transferred to the bank with 128 bit SSL encryption.
  • Your suppliers can receive the payments in a shorter period of time.
  • Necessary information for future payments can be kept within the program.
  • In the case that e-mail addresses are included in the company information, automatic notifications can be sent to companies to which you make payments.
  • You can take advantage of advance reporting options.