From Generation to Generation Management Academy

We are aware of the strength of family businesses!

With our program that we have initiated for family businesses with the expertise of ING Bank and BÜYEM, we aim to create long term added value for new generations. We believe that our program, which will continuously improve and grow, will enhance the competitiveness of family businesses, contribute to ensuring sustainability and institutionalization, and increase their commercial relationships by establishing strong relationships between companies.

ING Bank CEO Pınar Abay stated that by virtue of From Generations to Generations Management Academy, the doors of 40 countries will be opened to family businesses.

Program Features

  • From Generations to Generations management Academy is a comprehensive program that will go on for one full year.
  • The program will be held 2 full days every two weeks.

  • Additional Activities Within The Scope Of The Program

    • Seminars / Conferences / Expert Speakers
    • Workshops / Projects that the participants will take part in
    • Banking seminars with ING Bank expertise
    • Sharing of experience by visiting successful overseas and domestic family businesses through ING Bank global and local network.
    With the graduation ceremony that will be held at the end of the program that university graduates can participate in, the participants will be granted From Generations to Generations Management Academy Certificate.

    Academic Program

    The academic program consists of eight modules, with comprehensive sub-modules appearing under these modules.

    • From family businesses to institutionalization
    • Operational management maximization
    • Strategic management in family businesses
    • Organizational behavior and relationship management in family businesses
    • Finance for managers
    • Sales/Marketing and foreign trade
    • Human resources and law
    • Seminars, field visits and projects

    In addition to theoretical knowledge in relevant subjects, the modules include comprehensive applications in business life.