Eximbank Loans

Eximbank Loans

Eximbank Loan is a type of loan issued by Türkiye İhracat Bankası A.Ş. (Eximbank) and made available through our bank to promote exports.

To finance your foreign trade with Eximbank Loans, you can make your application through our nearest branch.


  • Exporters can take advantage of this loan in the pre-export stage for the exporting and commitment regarding Turkish-originated goods specified by Eximbank.
  • Offered with governmental support, this loan is more advantageous in terms of interest and cost compared to other loans.
  • SMEs that operate in the production, tourism and logistics sectors which have fewer than 500 employees can take advantage of the European Investment Bank-originated fund through Eximbank.
  • The European Investment Bank-originated Eximbank loan;
    • Is offered with a 7-year term and 2-year grace period.
    • Can be taken out in EUR or USD.
    • The lower limit is 500.000 EUR or the USD equivalent.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SME's 
  • Commercial companies 
  • Corporate companies