Forward (Rate Apreements)

Forward (Rate Apreements)

Forward is an agreement involving the purchase or sale of a currency at a predetermined term, exchange rate and amount against another currency.

To reduce the exchange rate risk of your company, you can enter into a forward rate agreement, and fix the future exchange rate today.

You can perform your future transactions through our nearest branch.


  • As it provides the opportunity to fix the future exchange rate today, it eliminates uncertainty for companies with cash inflows-outflows with a term. The exhange rate that will be in effect at maturity, and thus the amount, is predetermined. 
  • Forward exchange transactions can be performed to prevent operating profits from being affected by the fluctuations in the foreign currency markets. 
  • Forward rate agreements are binding for both parties. 

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • Commercial companies 
  • Corporate companies

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