Orange Extra program members will have extra gains!

Orange Extra program Members will have extra gains!

ING introduces a rewarding program offering our SMEs many exclusive advantages: Orange Extra!

The only thing you need to do is to perform a transaction of TRY 1.000 per month by using your ING Business Debit Card in order to experience the privilege to be a member of Orange Extra!

Thus, in the month following the month in which you have performed the transaction**,

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    You will yield additional interest of 2% to SME Orange or SME e-Orange TRY accounts,

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    You can withdraw and deposit money from/to the other banks' ATMs 3 times a month, with the upper limit of TRY 2.500 TL, without any charge.

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    You will not pay any charge* for EFT/remittance transactions performed through ING Corporate Mobile and Corporate Internet Branch.

You can be a member of Orange Extra by applying through ING Corporate Mobile.

*Only the Sole Proprietorships can be included in the Orange Extra program.
**Only the advantages specified above are applicable under the SME Orange Extra.

How to yield additional interest of 2% on your e-Orange Account?

  • You can start to yield additional interest of 2% on your SME e-Orange Account, through which you benefit from a full 1 year of Welcome Interest, as a member of the SME Orange Extra. 
  • You can make savings on your e-Orange Account with an additional interest of 2% in the next month, when the sum of your shopping performed by using your ING Business Debit Card and the invoices that you have paid through your drawing account reaches TRY 1.000 per month. 
  • If you do not have an SME e-Orange Account, then you can immediately open an e-Orange Account by applying for a SME e-Orange account. 
  • An additional interest 2% is yield on SME Orange and SME e-Orange TRY Accounts as of the date following the first shopping of TRY 10, which will be performed at once by using the ING Business Debit Card, until the end of the month.

Withdraw money from any ATM without any charge!

  • If you spend TRY 1.000 with ING Business Card on monthly basis, you can withdraw money from or deposit money into other banks' ATMs for 3 times in the next month without any charge. 
  • If you join Orange Extra program, and reach a minimum spending limit of TRY 750 either in your shopping with ING Business Card or bill payments through your drawing account, you will be entitled to withdraw money free-of-charge for 3 times/to deposit money free-of-charge for 3 times at common-point ATMs in the next month. 
  • The promotion of withdrawing money/depositing money, amounting up to TRY 2500, free-of-charge at common points is applicable between August 1 - December 31, 2021, and it enables the clients to become entitled to withdraw money/deposit money at common-point ATMs free-of-charge for 3 times every month. 
  • Any single customer may withdraw and deposit maximum TRY 2,500 at once under the promotion. 
  • In case of money withdrawals/deposits under the promotion, the money withdrawal/deposit fee will not be collected at the time of money withdrawal/deposit or thereafter. 
  • Any retrospective utilization or change is not allowed under the promotion. 
  • ING Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the promotion.