Pre-owned Inventory Financing

Pre-owned Inventory Financing

By means of the Supplier Financing; while your working capital improves, your suppliers can meet their liquidity needs without waiting for the invoice collection period.


  • Both buyers and suppliers take advantages through the Supplier Financing. 
  • Both buyers and suppliers must open an account with ING in order to benefit from the Supplier Financing. 
  • While performing a payment to the supplier on the date of discount, the invoice amount will be collected from the buyer's account on the due date. 
  • The suppliers can process the invoices deemed appropriate by the buyers for discount. 
  • The buyers can upload their invoices to the system through the Internet Banking or Secure File Sharing. The Suppliers perform the discount transaction with respect to their invoices uploaded through the Internet Banking or its Branch.
Advantages taken by the buyers through the Supplier Financing are provided as follows:
  • Extension of your payment terms,
  • Decrease in your working capital need,
  • Establishment of long-term relationships with your suppliers,
  • Decrease in your operational workload. 
Advantages taken by the suppliers through the Supplier Financing are provided as follows:
  • Advantage of access to the liquidity if and when required,
  • Advantage of discount in your invoices with favorable interest rates,
  • Reflection of the risk of irrevocable discount transaction on the buyer's limit,
  • Establishment of long-term cooperation with your buyer.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • As a buyer, the corporate companies; 
  • As a supplier, the corporate and commercial companies and the SMEs.