ING For Your Info Service

ING For Your Info Service

ING For Your Info Service
is a service we have launched for our customers who want to closely track their account, credit card and supplementary card activities.

You can submit your application through Online Banking or by texting SMS BILGI to 2205.


  • You can view all the details of your package through Online Banking, and set your transaction limits to the amount you want with a single click.
  • Only our personal customers can take advantage of the "ING For Your Info Service".

Included Transactions

  • Account Activities
    • EFT/Money Transfer to Account
    • Depositing Cash to Account
    • Depositing Salary to Account
    • Check Payment from Account
    • Depositing the check amount collected to Account
  • Credit Card Activities
    • Credit Card Expenditures
    • Online Transactions performed from Credit Card
    • Refund to Credit Card (cancellation of transaction etc.)
    • Cash Advance Transactions from Credit Card
    • Cash Advance with Installment Transactions from Credit Card
    • Supplementary Card Expenditures
    • Refund to Supplementary Card (cancellation of transaction etc.)
  • Automatic / Standing Payments
    • Bill Payments
    • Loan Payments
    • Credit Card Payments
    • Standing Payments (Rent, school tuition etc.)
    • Non-execution of Automatic / Standing Payment