Cash Against Documents

Cash Against Documents

Cash Against Documents is a payment method where the exporter submits the documents to the importer provided that the payment is made for the documents related to the goods sent to the buyer by the exporter.

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In this payment method, although the banks do not guarantee the payment, a certain level of security is provided for the exporter as the documents required for the clearance of the goods through the customs are not submitted to the importer before the payment is made. After dispatching the goods, the exporter can send the shipment document to the importer's bank through a bank in his/her own country, to be submitted to the buyer after the transfer of the payment.

In transactions of Cash Against Documents with Acceptance Loan, the documents can be submitted after the policy is accepted by the importer or the bank endorses the policy upon the exporter's request. The terms of the policies that will be issued are determined within the time frames specified in the legislation and based on the agreement between the importer and the exporter. The payment for the exported goods must be received within the specified time frames.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SME's 
  • Commercial companies 
  • Corporate companies