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TurkDex is the first and only Derivatives Exchange of Turkey. TurkDex was opened on February 4, 2005 in İzmir for the trading of futures and options contracts in Turkey, upon receiving the required permits from the Capital Markets Board.

You can open your TurkDex Account by visiting your nearest branch, and perform your transactions through the Online Banking TurkDex menu.


  • A Futures Contract is an agreement which gives the holder the obligation to purchase or sell a certain commodity of specific quantity and quality at a certain term.
  • TurkDex is a platform where future price expectations are formed every day and every moment, and these expectations are continuously tracked.
  • TurkDex offers instruments through which risks occurring at the spot market, particularly the exchange rate risk, can be managed.
  • TurkDex provides short sale opportunity for investors.
  • Transactions for speculative, protection or arbitrage purposes are performed at TurkDex.
  • Transactions performed for protection purposes enable the elimination or the minimization of the negative outcomes arising from potential risks.
  • Stock index, foreign currency, interest rate, cotton, wheat and gold contracts are traded on TurkDex.
  • Trading Hours for normal session are 09:15-17:35. At 17:45, Settlement Prices are announced and Margin Calls are published.