Gold Fund

Gold Fund

Gold Fund is a mutual fund that aims to generate a return in parallel to the change in the gold prices in the medium-long term.

You can perform your Gold Fund purchase-sale transactions through the Online Banking Investments menu Mutual Fund Transactions step.


Fund name: ING Bank A.Ş. Type A Gold Fund

Fund Type Description: Gold Fund is a mutual fund for which at least 51% of the portfolio must continually consist of gold and gold-based capital market instruments traded on domestic and international exchanges.

Strategy:At least 51% of the fund's portfolio is continually invested in gold and gold-based financial instruments. The objective of the fund is to benefit from the returns in gold, while also providing a steady return in the medium and long term by taking advantage of the opportunities in the market through fixed income securities and reverse repo transactions.

Investor Profile: Investors who want to invest their savings in gold-based investment instruments.

Minimum transaction amount: 1 share and multiples

Benchmark of the fund: 90% KYD Gold Index + 10% KYD Gross Repo Index.

Terms of transaction: Purchase and sale orders placed between the hours of 09:00-13:00 are executed on day T+1, at the price in effect on day T+1. Purchase and sale orders placed after 13:00 are executed on day T+2, at the price in effect on day T+2.

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