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ING Fund Basket

ING Fund Basket

You can create your own fund basket, or, by selecting one of the ready-made baskets, you can immediately place an order through the Online Banking Investments menu ING Fund Basket step.


  • With ING Fund Basket, you can immediately start investing your total savings in mutual funds by placing an order from your TL Time Deposit Account.
  • The minimum account opening amount is 10.000 TL. If you wish, you can invest your total savings in mutual funds that are grouped to suit you with an amount that you determine yourself.
  • If you want to
    • invest your savings in gold, bond and stock markets in a balanced way, you can select Investment Basket 1.
    • invest your savings in both stock and bond markets simultaneously, you can select Investment Basket 2.
    • freely create the fund basket that you will invest in, you can make a Free Selection.
  • You can change the investment basket you have selected, or convert the funds you have purchased within the scope of the product to other mutual funds.
  • You can open an ING Fund Basket Account through 0850 222 0 600 Telephone Banking and our branches.

*ING Bank A.Ş Mutual Funds offered within the scope of ING Fund Basket Account are managed by ING Asset Management. Before investing in the fund, the investors should take into consideration the matters explained in the prospectus and internal regulations of the fund. You can access the prospectus, circular and internal regulations of the funds through and ING Bank A.Ş. branches. The earnings of the funds are variable and past earnings are not an indicator of future performance.
**By completing the Risk Profile Survey, you can find out our mutual funds that suit your risk and return expectations.
***Investment products cannot be sold to “American Persons” by our Bank. American Persons include persons who define themselves as a resident real person in the USA or persons who are a member of a definable group consisting of American citizens outside of the USA, and who use their contact information in the USA for transactions such as account opening or verification transaction.
****The amounts from the account that is linked to the ING Fund Basket , which will be used for fund purchase, will be processed according to the normal value date process of the mutual funds for the purchase of the funds on the next business day after the date of the order.