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State Opera and Ballet

Opera's voice is now much stronger with the support of ING!

Acting in line with our mission of enabling the arts to reach larger masses, we, as ING Turkey, act as the sponsor of various festivals and works staged by the Directorate General of State Opera and Ballet (DOBGM).

We are the main sponsor of the 10th International Istanbul Opera Festival hosting the Turandot Opera, Troy Opera, and Yunus Emre which is the first domestic Turkish oratorio, as well as the Bolshoi Soloists Gala Concert by the Bolshoi Theater. We, as ING Turkey, are not only the sponsor of the 2nd International Gaziantep Opera Festival, but also assume the leading role to bring the classics such as Romeo and Juliet and Man of La Mancha, which are played to a full house in all countries, to the art lovers, aiming to enable opera, ballet and polyphonic music to reach all sections of the society, and to nourish the creativity and innovation culture with arts.