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ING Paydos Yok Account

ING Paydos Yok Account

SME-exclusive account with no account management fee, free EFT/Money Transfer transactions, checkbook, no-fee check and collection transactions. 

Please visit your nearest branch for detailed information and application.


  • The banking transactions done through Online Banking are free of charge during the day.
  • Interest accrued automatically at attractive rates without the need to place an order.
  • Money can be deposited to and withdrawn from the account anytime.
  • The account balance in excess of 10.000 TL as of 17:00 is directed into investment. The amount in excess of 10.000 TL which is available in the account the next business-day morning accrues interest at the rate specified by our Bank.
  • The attractive interest rate of ING Paydos Yok Account accrues overnight. The specified interest rates are annual simple gross interest rates.
  • The attractive interest rate of ING Paydos Yok Account is valid for the amount range specified by our Bank. In the case that the account balance remains below this amount, the current account interest rate specified our Bank is applied. In the case that the account balance exceeds this amount, a lower interest rate specified by our Bank is applied for the amount in excess.
  • The lower and upper amounts can be changed by our Bank. You can find out the aforesaid current amount from our branches, 0850 222 0 600 Telephone Banking or
*Free checkbook excluding valuable paper cost and taxes.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SMEs